Net abnormalities in acquirement at FMCH

The degree of debasement that occurred in acquirement of machines and gear for the Faridpur Medical College and Hospital’s (FMCH) Intensive Care Unit in 2014 is ridiculous. Purportedly, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare had apportioned Tk 10 crore to FMCH for the 2014-15 monetary year and with the cash the medical clinic specialists should purchase different machines and hardware. They gave the activity of providing the hardware to a neighborhood dealer who, subsequent to providing the necessary machines and gear, presented a swelled bill to the specialists. The dealer charged Tk 28.25 lakh for just a lot of shades, which ought not cost more than Tk 20,000. In addition, the costs of the machines were demonstrated to be a few times higher than the market cost and a portion of the machines were not provided according to the particulars.

The money related inconsistencies in obtainment were just uncovered after the bill of Tk 10 crore was submitted to the wellbeing service and the service declined to take care of the tab. At the point when the ACC went to research the case at the High Court’s organization this year, various inconsistencies of comparative nature at the emergency clinic surfaced. It was discovered that the clinic specialists had presented a bill of Tk 52.66 crore for purchasing a few different machines which ought not have cost more than Tk 11 crore.

The degree of defilement that occurred in FMCH says a lot about what may be going on in other government medical clinics and establishments. The acquirement embarrassment in Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant—where a cushion was purchased for Tk 5,957—is still crisp in our memory.

Comparative occasions of budgetary inconsistencies at different government foundations have been accounted for by the media. Every one of these occurrences uncover the way that there is no checking component in the administration establishments particularly with respect to uses. On account of FMCH, it is basically not reasonable how this size of defilement went unnoticed by the emergency clinic’s higher specialists. Such a misuse of open cash by an administration foundation is unsatisfactory.

In any case, it is great to realize that the ACC has documented a body of evidence against six individuals engaged with the trick. We presently trust that they will be rebuffed by the law. Concerning the administration, it needs to ensure that there is a regulating component set up to carefully screen the acquirement exercises at different government organizations, including clinics.

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